Due to the large information flow due to COVID-19, BezBid provides local monitoring services.

Information Space Monitoring by BezBid

Information Space Monitoring by BezBid

The global pandemic of Coronavirus caused a significant surge in the information space of Ukraine and of the whole world. As a result, hundreds of materials about the spread of Covid-19 are published every day on many sites. Very often, these materials do not refer to reliable sources, are untruthful, which causes panic among the population. Also, such an outbreak of the Coronavirus theme makes possible cases of fraud (sale of non-certified medical products, etc.).


Based on the current situation, BezBid service provides local monitoring of the information space. Such monitoring can be carried out both within a certain city and region, and throughout Ukraine. Local monitoring includes:

  • Monitoring of information space on the necessary geolocation;
  • Definition of the primary source;
  • Search for fake news;
  • Search the news spread;
  • Definition of news uniqueness;
  • Identification of fraudulent sites.

All proceeds from the provision of monitoring services go to the development of the BezBid project.

You can fill out a monitoring application at the link: https://bezbid.com/en/monitoring/