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5 Alarming Cyber Security Facts 


1. Every 39 seconds a hacker attack happens


A study conducted at Clark’s School of the University of Maryland is one of the first to quantify the almost constant rate of hacker attacks on computers with Internet access (on average every 39 seconds, affects on every third American every year). The unprotected usernames and passwords we use give attackers a better chance of success.


2. In the USA, over 75% of healthcare units have been infected with malware over the past year


The study involved 700 medical organizations, including medical facilities, health insurance agencies, and medical service companies.


3. 95% of cyber security breaches are due to human mistake


Cybercriminals and hackers will infiltrate your company through an IT department, which has almost no weak elements.


4. The total cost of cybercrime committed worldwide in 2018 amounted to more than $1 trillion


Do not think that all this money comes from hackers aimed at corporations, banks or wealthy celebrities. Individual users, such as you and me, are also targets. While you are connected to the Internet, you can become a victim of cyber attacks.


5. 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses


64% of companies experienced online attacks. 62% received phishing and social attacks. 59% of companies experienced malicious code and botnets, and 51% experienced service denial.



Cyber Hygiene understanding, threats and opportunities is crucial for every person and every business in all sectors. Сyber security knowledge and education is your investment in the defense against cyber threats.